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Belt Conveyor Solutions Provider

Focus on industry 20 years

Specializing in the production and sale of drums, drum conveyors, drive conveyors, belt conveyors, fluent bars, logistics trolleys and other products

Advanced equipment

Has a group of experienced design engineers, in the conveyor has the industry leader in the design and manufacture of other manufacturers

Advantages of service, improve the system

With the customer's sincere cooperation, to provide excellent quality, perfect service system, good reputation.

Specialized in the industry for 15 years Absorb Japanese advanced technology Delivery speed Advanced technology and strong technology For customers to design a reasonable project Products have been praised by the world's customers

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Conveyor industry model

By the majority of merchants trust

Is committed to building customer satisfaction products

Sincerely treat each customer, for customers to design a reasonable project

15 years experience in brand industry

Huiqian 15 years Focus on the production and sale of belt conveyors

Hui Qian qualification honor

Huijian 15 years, has made the industry's recognition

A thousand years of belt conveyor solutions provider


Senior technical talent

Senior technology, design engineers, experienced, to provide comprehensive technical support.

Comprehensive technical solutions

HSBC team to provide you with a comprehensive technical solutions.

Efficient and efficient

Experienced design team and standard production process to ensure delivery of agreed delivery on time.

Perfect after-sales service system

Pre-sale, sale, sale throughout the service for you, fast response.

A thousand years of belt conveyor solutions provider

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