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Ø57 roller, HR-5721 roller conveyor
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Ø57 roller, HR-5721 roller conveyor

YPE: HR-5721/R-5726

NAME:Ø57 carbon steel roller conveyor



1.roller diameter:Ø57mm(tube thickness:2.1mm)

2.frame:   90mmX30mmx3.2mm---C steel

3.width:    100mm~1000mm

4.load capacity:  max280kg


(U: mm)

roller width   (mm)1002003004005006007008009001,000
conveyor width   W75  (mm)1752753754755756757758759751,075
roller load capacity (kg)280245210180145120110958572
conveyor weight
3,000L (kg)
roller weight(shaft) (g)4507501,0501,3501,6501,9502,2502,5502,8503,150


1.HR-5721 drawings


2.HR-5726 drawings


3.R-5721&R-5726 roller conveyor drawings

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